Infos for the parents.

Somethings you have to know about mountain.

These advices are fro children but you can have a good use of them !

Sure Moutain is beautiful but not without risks. To succeed one's stay you have to be aware of some precautions, and dear parents you have to tell them that these precautions are necessary for their confort and safety.

Enjoy without scratches whould be more fun!
Mountain is a nice friend that can hurt sometimes

The cold, the sun the snow the crowded slopes might be risky sometimes..
You have to learn about mountain : we want to helps you to better understand and know how to apprehend it before getting on "boards".

Dear parents as well:

Fully equiped yourself and your dear ones:

  • A proper ski outfit not to sophisticate for the youngest in case of "nature-related incidents". (Think about them on group class for example...)
  • An helmet, perfectly adjusted ski boots  (Too big might cause accidents). Equipment for rent in any ski resort
  • For Sun but also for bad weather : Good glasses or ski goggles..

Take your time to adjust yourself to the altitude. No need to run walk calmly breathe the nice air

Before any efforts enjoy a real good Breakfast: Juice or fruits, Whole bread with jam or honey and hot chocolate for the youngest. Please do not under any circumstances start with an empty stomach


Rules on the slopes:
 You shall neither stop behind a bump (you might be hurt by somebody who might have not seen you) not in a narrow path you might cause a "traffic"

- On foot please walk on the side of the slope either for climbing or going down

You shall respect the others wahtever their level might be
Be careful not to put them at risks with an inappropriate behavior or equipment (which is not suppose to lay in the middle of a slope).

- Be aware of people underneath on the slope.
You are suppose to be upstream in the mountain , as such you has to choose a trajectory wich respects the safety of those who are downstream (in the valley).


ABefore sliding away : la check-list

- Breakfast time. When you feel hungry you don't pay attention enough
- Don't forget water : It will be colder when you are dehydrated
- Dress warm (chilblains hurt!).
- Don't forget you goggles (or you 're gonna be blind) 
- Don't forget neither your sun protection's cream nor your lipstick! Even if doesn't look like the sun is still there.
- A good insurance as well!
- Check carefully your ski binding to avoid any knee damages...
- A good tip : grab a map of the slopes in case you loose yourself , and to spot the good places like the snow park....

A tip to enjoy at best

- Sleep enough (even though you come to party)  being in a good shape is always better to prevent any falls or accident tiredness-related !
- Take it easy first enjoy easy slopes, warm up your body, and at the end finish as well with the easy ones.
- The third day is supposed to be the most dangerous one according to stats so be aware.

take it easy

Easy on the slide! Don't be to speed, and keep the control
You have to be able to go and stop  wherever you want

be careful when you overtake: the other one can change his direction any time.and all of sudden

- Don't slide to close to the others.
- At a crossroad take care.and slow down

Respect the others

- Stand up back as soon as you can when you fell ( it is more dangerous on the ground)
- respect the markers, and follow the trackers rescuers' advices.
- You witness an accident? Call the rescue: the faster they might arrive the more efficients they might be.
-be even more aware when the slopes are crowded, hurting a young child is even more frequent.

On the lifts

- If you feel unstable to get off the lift don't, your board will touch the small red stick which will stop automatically.
- On the T bar tow don't neither slalom nor let the bar go in the middle of the slope you can hurt somebody
- Take off as fast as you can at the end of the Tbar tow to avoid the bar to hurt you on the head.

Snowpark : Rules

- Don't rush in the park, start with the easy slopeevery morning warm your body up even the best freestylers do that.
- When you are in the pipe and you turn is coming tell when you go.
-Don't take your time too long behind the snowpark's modules, take off as soon as you can, it would be too bad that you best friend hurt himself falling on your board!
- take it easy at first, you might be rejected of the "half pipe"
- Don't stop anywhere to watch you buddies, even a good one might fell where you don't expect them to.
- keep control, being a freestyler is not that easy !
- the landing should be on the slope, otherwise watch up your back.
- Take care of you "run up" don't rush without thinking, you don't know if the kicker is gonna send you in the background even with a slow run up..

children recommended

Sum up for the youngest:

- Breakfast time because you are gonna need energy! Hot chocolate, cereals and juice
- Dress warm: Mountain is cold, a ski suit is suitable... It is better for your back.
- Good ski boots the right size to protect your feet. Good socks and no need to put one on top of the other!
- Don't forget a hat gloves mittens are even better .
- Don't forget the ski goggles
- An helmet! would be soooo goood.
- Sun protection cream and your lipstick! (Index 25)

Slide easy!