Piou-Piou / Children prices

Jardin des neiges- Kinder garden

Package 6 or 5 days successives from Sunday or Monday to Friday. Badge included

• Mornings : 185 €
• Afternoons : 149 €

Group lessons and entertaining a funny way to learn skiing BUT NO KINDERGARDEN. Or instructors are not "Babysitters" they teach your children the first steps in skiing with midness and pedagogy.

The Jardin des neiges (snow garden) is available for children between almost 4 years old to 5 yo and almost 6 yo.

Group lessons : 6 or 5 days successives package from Sunday or Monday to Friday

Rates: Morning from 10 am to 12:30 am (Badge included)

Children from 4 years old to 12 years old : 185 €/ child

Any levels : from "Pioupiou " to Golden star and competitions classes.

Rates : Afternoon from 1 pm to 3 pm.(Badge included)

Children from 4 years old to 12 years old  : 149 € /child

For levels such as:  "Pioupiou", Flocon, 1st et 2nd star, 3rd star mostly. (During the February holidays)

NB : Ours rates do not include ski passes.

(Infos on : esf.esfthollon.com or Email : ot.thollon@wanadoo.fr)

Skiing group Snowboard

6 days Group Training :  Mixed adults and children (from 8 years old recommended)

From Sunday to Friday.

Beginners (On line booking), Surf 1, Surf 2.

Time : from 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm.

Price : 160 €/ pers. (Badge included)

NB : Protect Defens Wrist highly recommended especially for beginners of any ages ranges.

Private lessons

Prices: Go to Adult price (Time table depend of instructors availabilities)